Lineavision®- inspection and in-line measurement

vision inspection machine Using the latest technology of high speed line scan cameras and lighting systems tuned to highlight defects, the system inspects 100% of the surface, detects anomalies and controls all geometrical characteristics.

Automatic camera based web inspection and in-line measurement solutions for continuous processes

Our global solutions enable a real time quality control as well as process monitoring on a wide range of surfaces: security paper, composite, printed electronic, solar cells, battery electrodes, plastic, woven fabric, non-woven material, metallic foil, etc.

The Lineavision® flexibility enables a modular configuration well suited for all web widths, a wide range of production speeds and defect sizes.

• Plain surface analysis
• Printed patterns regularity and conformity check
• High accuracy measurements of surface characteristics
• Defects analysis and identification
• Global data management
• Waste reduction

All data can be exported for post-process use: statistics, defect management, summary sheets, report per date, batch, roll, references, etc.

IN-CORE Systèmes – leading technology company

IN-CORE Systèmes is a leading technology company, whose expertise is concentrated around imaging systems and optical methods
for 100% surface inspection of continuous processes. The core activity of the company is to design and manufacture automatic surface inspection systems based on line scan cameras, high performance illumination and computer technology with its proprietary process software.

IN-CORE Systèmes delivers solutions based on a unique expertise and skills in camera based inspection equipments acquired with major national and international scientists, companies and industrial manufacturers.

IN-CORE Systèmes is present in computer vision since the late 80s. Over 2000 systems are installed worldwide.