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Lineavision ®

Lineavision ®, In-Line industrial vision inspection solution for global defect management during the manufacturing process.

Thanks to Lineavision® technology, it is possible to have a close look at your surface during the manufacturing process. Accurate quality management and process monitoring can be easily performed through continuous automatic inspection of your surfaces.
Using latest technology of linear video sensors with structural lighting, the system catches all surface flaws, and checks for surface characteristics regularity. Each detected anomaly is immediately notified for potential instant action to save a flawless surface production. Continuous measurements are made and each detected flaw is saved in a batch report in the form of photo, size, shape, class, and exact location from begin /end of roll and right / left edges. Real time evaluation of quality grade / flawless length is performed during the inspection. Batch reports are exported to your general data base for post-process use: statistics, cutting optimization, …The inspection severity is adjustable to conform to the quality grade required of each roll.
Lineavision® is modular, therefore it can be easily customized to individual requirements. Lineavision® sensor’s unit can be seen as full width “surface scanner”, easy to install on large or narrow webs on existing production lines at appropriate inspection locations. Sensors come as compact, rugged, resistant cabinets, combined with embedded or remote processing unit to perform very high resolution or/and very high-speed inspections adapted to various processes web widths. 

Lineavision® in-line solution is optimally suited for:

  • Plain surface analysis
  • Printed patterns regularity and conformity check
  • High accuracy measurements of surface characteristics
  • Defects analysis and identification
  • Global data management

Lineavision solutions contains also post process software tools for:

  • statistics,
  • defect management,
  • summary sheets,
  • reports per date,
  • batches, rolls, references, etc…

Automated surface inspection and calibrated measurements are essential to minimize process variation influence and help the production to be repeatable, repeatable and repeatable…

Great gains in productivity are achieved, yield optimization is guaranteed, and waste minimized.

Main industries and applications field of Lineavision are:

  • Fiduciary (banknote and passport production),
  • Ultra-security paper,
  • Ultra-security printings,
  • Composites materials (woven and UD carbon for aerospace applications),
  • Energy (separator and electrodes of Lithium-ion batteries),
  • Printed electronics (organic photovoltaic, RFID, flexible circuits, organic sensors, etc.)
  • Technical high valuated surfaces (fabric, plastic, glass, ….).