IN-CORE Systèmes offers a full R&D know-how which provides opportunities to further develop in-line metrology, based on industrial mandates.  Thanks to actions in research and development, we keep permanently up our range of products and services.

Commitment to European Projects:

IN-CORE makes decisive contributions to finding solutions to the Grand Challenges  by participating to several European projects boosting proof-of-concept inspection solutions:

  • FP7 European Projects:
    Elibama for Li-ion battery: towards the mass production of Li-ion cells and batteries for electric vehicles.
    Apple for smart label: A3ple (Autonomous Printed Paper products for functional Labels and Electronics) next generation of printing technology.


  • H2020 European projects:

    ATLASS for flexible printed transistors: Advanced high-resolution printing of organic Transistors for Large Area Smart Surfaces. One of main objectives is to develop and integrate in-line automatic optical inspection and yield management.
    OPENMIND for medical guidewires: towards the development of flexible process chain for manufacturing minimally invasive medical devices.