The hidden potential of waste and cost reduction in security printing

Security printers must produce and deliver banknotes on time and in the required quantity and quality. Economic pressure demands a tight cost management. Keeping the material and production costs as low as possible, while keeping the quality level and the productivity high, is essential.
In response to the ever-increasing pressure, innovative solutions must be integrated into the printing process. But what are the main challenges in doing so?

This WBS Webinar examines the hidden potential of waste and cost reduction in banknote printing. It focuses on three main targets: waste reduction, most effective use of consumables, and production optimization. In his presentation, Jacques Lang from Seprinto & Partners will show several innovative solutions that help achieve these targets.

Seprinto & Partners is a network of experts covering a broad spectrum of applications. With decades of experience in the security printing industry, each partner combines innovative ideas with proven solutions. Solutions notably that can be easily integrated into an existing printing process.

in-core systèmes at WBS 2018

This WBS Webinar takes place on 10 March 2021 at 9:00 hrs (CET) and 15:00 hrs (CET). Participation is complimentary, registration is required.


Seprinto & Partners

Seprinto & Partners is a network of security printing experts covering a broad spectrum of application areas. Our common motivation: Providing innovations, improvements and cost savings by optimizing our clients’ printing processes. 

‘Thinking outside the box’ is our motto. With decades of experience in the world of banknote and security printing, and connected with even more experts worldwide, we can assist you in achieving little or large steps towards new goals.

Our offer covers a vast area of the banknote production from prepress to different printing processes to recycling. Moreover, we share our knowledge in training, staff coaching and on-site services to optimize your production.

Seprinto & Partners members are located in the centre of Europe, and each one brings their expertise in a different section of security printing to the table: