Automatic batch validation system

Lineavision® for security printings application at the final stage to qualify, validate and trace the quality of the banknotes and the produced batch.

Our solution is based on multi-spectral analysis of high-resolution cameras at 600 DPI.

The automatic batch validation system is designed for:

  • Printers to validate the manufactured banknotes before realizing the batch
  • Central Banks for final validation before putting into circulation

banknotes batch validation

we offer a complete inspection solution:

  • Automatic sorting based on classification rules adjusted by operator
  • Complete traceability of all inspected items
  • Post process analysis and defect management
  • Banknote virtual review based on the film stored during inspection
  • Statistics


For further information about the Banknotes Batch Validation system, please download our brochure.

automatic batch validation system brochure