Security printings inspection

Lineavision® for security printings application allows to control the printed sheets at any production step.

in-line printing inspection

IN-CORE Systemes proposes several solutions

In-Line vision solution for 100% control, inspection and quality verdict

Lineavision essential to minimize process variation influence and help the production to be repeatable. Great gains in productivity are achieved, yield optimization is guaranteed, and waste minimized. Our goal is to find the best balance between the quality requirements, the variety of your production and the price of inspection system.

The inspection solution is installed on an automatic sheet to sheet machine combining automatic transportation, inspection and sorting.

sheet to sheet process automatic inspection and sorting

The inspection, i.e. type of sensors, resolution and lighting, is chosen according to the specific client pre-defined critical parameters. The equipment configuration of the system enables to highlight all the defects in a reliable way.

LineaVision station at Offset, Intaglio, OVI/ OVMI, and Numbering printings steps, guarantees the perfect quality and maintains the yield at the highest level.

Off-line vision solution for conformity validation and quality checking by sampling

Smart Table a high-precision optical quality control and measurement equipment for flat products. It is composed of line-scan cameras which are motorised to fully scan the sheet. The Smart Table is equipped with multispectral acquisition conditions that can be reflexion and transmission.

sheet to sheet process automatic inspection and sorting

Finally, the Automatic batch validation system

Automatic batch validation system for security printings application at the final stage to qualify, validate and trace the quality of the banknotes and the produced batch. This solution offers automatic verdict of the batch based on automatic classification of the banknotes.

sheet to sheet process automatic inspection and sorting

Both the In-line and the Off-line solutions contains:

  • Complete traceability of all inspected items: localization and traceability in real time.
  • Post process analysis and defect management: report validation, statistics and off-line consulting.

For further information about the system, please download our brochure.