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Schneider, AVEVA & IN-CORE partner for the EV Battery

The IN-CORE Systèmes team is delighted to announce a new partnership with Schneider Electric and Aveva for the traceability of electric vehicle battery electrodes!

What is In-Core Systèmes ?

In-Core Systèmes is a leading technology company, whose expertise is concentrated around imaging systems and optical methods for 100% surface inspection of continuous processes.

The core activity of the company is to design and manufacture automatic surface inspection systems based on line scan cameras, high performance illumination and computer technology with its proprietary process software.

IN-CORE systems is located in Lyon area – France and was created in 1998 by the current directors, Christophe Pallas, Johnny Turkieh and Michel Popovic.

IN-CORE solutions that contribute to the digitalization of the battery Industry

Involved in the battery industry since 2005, IN-CORE Systèmes provides solutions at electrode manufacturing level:

  • In-line inspections solutions for defect detection and dimensional control, installed at the multiple steps of the electrode manufacturing (coating, calendering slitting) allowing to accelerate start-up, increase yield and ensure quality. The Real-time data information allow to reduce scrap thanks to a very fast detection of the process drift for close loop control or corrective action from operator.
  • Individual electrode traceability solutions (2d code marking system, data collection and contextualized data acquisition and storage) allowing to eject bad electrodes before cell assembly, for quick root cause investigation of battery performances and process improvement through analysis of data driven decisions.

Through its 25 years of existence, IN-CORE Has expertise in multiple areas:

  • Expertise in real-time operational systems implementation on the shop floor.
  • Having a cross-sectional view of all manufacturing processes to build a solution that will be coherent end-to-end.
  • Expertise in contextualized data acquisition and storage in order for information to be valuable and processable for MES.

Our philosophy is to be a strategic partner for our customers and provide with a win-win long-term partnership. We have experience and adaptability to work with different OEM’s, new or existing production lines and at different levels R&D, pilot and production capacities.

What drives In-Core Systèmes ?

IN-CORE aims at delivering customized solutions matching our client’s needs. Our motivation is the client’s satisfaction throughout the whole decision process. We want to establish long term customer relations flexibly fulfilling the individual requirements. We want to optimize quality, productivity and production process by reducing waste, non-quality cost and rejects. Well known industrial companies all over the world, in various business segments have given us their trust to install our systems.

Our Services

The client support does not end at the industrial commissioning: our technical support experts team aims at providing optimal assistance in the use of IN-CORE’s systems and fulfills our client’s specific needs during the life of the system. IN-CORE, with a long-lasting know-how focused on reactive, professional and fully competent technical experts, helps customers to manage the vagaries of the production and keep the yield in the target range.


  • Telephone hotline assistance
  • Remote access and system check
  • Software & hardware assistance and consulting

 System sustainability:

  • On-site repairs
  • Spare parts
  • Preventive maintenance Support


  • Customer training for full potential of the inspecting system and efficient production delivered for experts, operators, maintenance and quality team.

In-Core Systèmes know how

IN-CORE Systèmes has developed the Lineavision® proven concept that ensures 100% inspection and measurement, zero defects and full traceability for the entire production.

Lineavision® industrial turnkey solution is based on three fundamental principles:

  • Advanced image acquisition: visual inspection systems using adequate lights (wavelengths) customized to fit with your production line.
  • Real time image processing: comprehensive software for surface defect detection, classification, and dimensional control of all surface characteristics.
  • Global Traceability at each process step combined with customized data management.

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In-Core Systèmes

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IN-CORE Systèmes has been present in the machine vision industry since the end of the 80s. The company has acquired a unique know-how in the course of experiments with important national and international actors.

Today, IN-CORE Systems is an engineering company evolving across the entire scrolling process inspection landscape, offering its customers a global service in the field of production quality management.