Ultra security paper inspection


100% inspection and traceability solutions

IN-CORE Systèmes is a front-line player in the ultra-security paper industry. Leading supplier of in-line and off-line optical solutions for 100% inspection, quality control and traceability solutions at all steps of the manufacturing process of security documents: banknotes, ID, e-passports.

lineavision ultra security paper application


The LineaVision software, fully developed by IN-CORE Systèmes, allows to automatically inspect the quality during production and to continuously check for conformity at the paper making level and during insertion of various security features for paper securisation:

  • Watermarks: position and alignment control
  • Security thread: position, side insertion and stretching inspection
  • Holographic foil: position and quality inspection
  • Electrotype: integrity and position inspection
  • Windowed thread: registry, bridges, window size and shape inspection
  • OVD stamping, iridescent and OVI printing: position and print quality inspection


Lineavision inspection station

At the Lineavision station, in the manufacturing line, defects are detected. All information regarding the defects are stored on data base. According to the defect gravity, control of the rejection ratio is flexible. Lineavision combines quality and productivity.

The Lineavision station consists of one or several inspection groups to inspect the top and/or bottom of the paper and/or transmission. Each inspection group is composed of several line-scan cameras and the adequate light source module.

The configuration of each group is defined according to the clients demands:

  • Width to be inspected,
  • Resolution,
  • Speed of production line,
  • B&W or color camera and
  • Lightning: white, infra-red or ultra-violet.

The computer cabinet contains several real time processors and a front processor for HCI (human-computer interaction).

The Lineavision interface is user-firiendly for operators. Continuously Live display of detected defects and measurements.  All reports can be analyzed with IN-CORE post production tools softwares for report validation, statistics and off-line consulting.

Given the latest technologies for multilayer compound substrates for ultra-security paper making, Lineavision is also compliant for Polymer banknotes.

For further information about the system, please download our Ultra Security Paper brochure.