In-line automatic inspection solution integrated into existing screen printing machine. Compact mechanical integration of the sensor with NO modification of the machine and with smart solution to handle the sheet stability. CIS 150DPI , inspection system compliant with machine speed up to 10 000 sheets/h.

in-core systèmes at WBS 2018
in-core systèmes at WBS 2018

Inspection solution allowing to detect main defects such as ink splashes on the sheet, excess of ink and lack of ink, ink drags. Also the system measures the positioning of the OVI/OVMI elements. The inspection solution has all real-time tools to assist the operator for fast detection of process drift. 



 Inspection solution that can be integrated into intaglio printing machine

The automatic inspection solutions can be retrofitted ino intaglio printing machines. The system enables 100% inspection of the printed sheets for quality control, fast detection of process drift and flexible defective sheets management help to optimize machine yield and reduce waste.


 The automatic inspection system integrated into Intaglio Printing machine 

If you want to know more about our Hawk system, you can check this article presented during the World Banknote Summit2020

IN-CORE Systèmes technology and expertise at all steps of the Banknote manufacturing process

IN-CORE Systèmes is a strategic partner of the Banknote manufacturing industry. Our inspection solutions are integrated at all steps of the manufacturing processes of banknotes: at the substrate making level, printing works and batch validation before releasing the batches to the Central Bank.

Modular technology

IN-CORE Systèmes designs and manufactures automatic inspections solutions for:

Proven solutions for:

  • defect detection
  • dimensional control
  • defective sheet management solutions

Modular solutions based on proven “BRICKS”

Mechanical integration adapted to existing machine (Roll to Roll, Sheet to Sheet, Roll to Sheet)

Inspection software 

Acquisition module (Linear sensors, adequate light) and processing computers adapted to product speed and product width

Concept of inspection solution

Single or multiple line scan cameras (Color & B&W)

Adequate illumination (R,G,B, IR, UV)

Compact sensor (CIS) solution

Extremely compact well suited for printing machines

– 300 or 600 DPI

– 600, 900 or 1200 mm web width