Single sheet conformity, validation and quality checking

In-Core Systèmes as a front-line player for quality  control and traceability solutions has developped a Smart Table for single sheet conformity, validation and quality checking.

The Smart Table is an optical quality control and measurement equipment for flat products of various converting process such as high security paper & printing, hologram, fabrics or printed electronics.

The Smart Table is a high-precision control and inspection solution by sampling. For our 100% quality control in-line, please see our Lineavision inspection solution.

Te equipment with 3 high precision linear axes is motorized to scan the full sheet. The image acquisition is standard at 600DPI and up to 2400 DPI.

Equipped with multi-acquisition conditions (Top and/or bottom customizable light R, G, B, Infra-red, UV, resolution 600 DPI, 1200 DPI), the Smart Table equipment for print qualification performs several type of controls:

  • Registration control
  • Dimensional control
  • Measurement control
  • Aspect control
  • Multi-spectral inspection of different features

The smart table equipment has two main software

Inspection Software:

This is the main software of the system. It allows to manage the scanning, to modify the inspection and learning settings, to handle the batches, to execute inspections and to save reports. It includes visualization tools as zoom and defect browsing. It also has a maintenance menu allowing to configure the system settings.

The inspection consists in applying all the algorithms and quality strategies set in the template. During the inspection all anomalies are detected. The inspection result contains the potential defects, their features, as well as numerous measurements (positions, distances…). In a second step, the detected anomalies are classified into defect classes. The inspection result is stored in the form of reports. The full report is stored in database and it can be browsed with the Report software.

Post processing analyses:

This software allows to perform all the post processing analyses of all the inspected sheets. The reports are stored in database and can be browsed with the Report software.

Reports are the result of the inspection containing all the information for post processing and inspection analysis. The post processing software “Report Manager” is a comprehensive user interface that brings together useful and cost-saving information of the manufactured product.

For in-line inspection solutions on printing machine, see LineaVision solution for security printings application.

For final baknotes validation, see LineaVision solution for automatic batch validation.
And For further information about the Smart Table, please download our brochure.

Smart Table - Quality Inspection Tool by Incore Systèmes