Lineavision 360°

Lineavision-360 is the new inspection system developped by In-Core Systèmes made in the framework of the Openmind European research project (Horizon 2020). The system inspects the full circumference of a cylindrical product (360°) with very high precision.
The Lineavision-360 system combines a new image acquisition approach with the 20 years experiences of the existing real time inspection technology.
The Lineavision-360 is suitable for detecting:

  • Dimensional defects: Diameter, shape, measurement, fibre winding;
  • Surface defects: Lump, neck down, hole;
  • Coating quality
  • Laser structuring quality;
  • Printing quality;

Considering that we build on-demand machines according to customer request, please feel free to contact us for specifics demands and our commercial service would be grateful to answer you.

For further information about the system, please download our brochure.