The Smart table equipment is an optical control equipment allowing to automatically scan a banknote printed sheet. The sheet is automatically scanned in approximately 15 seconds and it allows a complete quality control of offset printing as well as the geometrical control of all security features.

The Smart Table equipment is configurable. The standard configuration is equipped with color line-scan sensors and two LED illuminations, White and UV 365nm. The scanning produces 6 images R, G, B, R-UV, G-UV and B-UV per side.

The 2d data matrix code of the sheet can be read on both sides top and bottom. The code is stored with the inspection results of the sheet. The code can be used to search the sheet in the inspection database.

In the « sheet view » it is possible to see the distribution and severity of the defects per banknote. This « sheet view » is available in the inspection screen and in the post processing screen. The inspection results for the “batch” mode are shown in a “cumulative sheet mode” available by gathering all the defects of al inspected sheets displayed on the sheet view to quickly identify if the defects are always located in the same place or if the distribution is completely random