Fabric woven inspection : dyed, plain or printed fabrics

Surface aspect control, weft and warp deviation measurements

Lineavision® for woven technical textile inspection enables to have a close look at the technical textile surface manufacturing should it be plain or converted. Accurate quality management and process monitoring are performed  in a continuous way  and enable to catch all surface flaws, monitor textile structure distorsions and check surface flatness and homogeneity as well as  width regularity.

Global defect management for woven technical textile

For the last 15 years, IN-CORE Systèmes has been providing tailor-made solutions to inspect a broad range of fabrics: woven, plain coated and printed fabrics to detect all kinds of processing defects, especially weaving ones.? Our solution is modular to any width (up to 6m),

Lineavision® for fabrics enables manufacturers to :

• Detect woven and knitted defects • Control structural irregularities (weft and warp deviation) • Control the grid and mesh • Report inspection results (batch, roll and slit) • Geometrical control of the patterns (positions, alignment, distance and deformation) IN-CORE inspection system can be installed on various production processes and machines at any speed and width. The inspection accuracy can be adjusted according to individual specification.

Download our On-Line Automatic Surface Inspection & Measurements brochure for full details on Fabric Woven Inspection

On-Line Automatic Surface Inspection and Measurements brochure - Incore Systemes