Inspection solutions for Lithium-ion, Lithium-polymer batteries

Anode, Cathode & Separator quality monitoring

Lineavision® for battery applications provides flexible inspection and measurement solutions where safety, efficiency and life time of the products are the biggest challenges.
The inspection solutions guarantee the perfect quality of electrodes and separators, essential to insure high capacity storage, fast recharging and long life to batteries.

IN-CORE Systèmes provides solutions which enable manufacturers to :
Insure repetitiveness and regularity of the global process coating
Manage defects to optimize the production costs
Monitor the production quality

Lineavision® for battery applications enable manufacturers to:

> Inspect the electrodes surface quality: raw material (foil defect, surface cleanliness),
> Detect coating defects such as bubbles, agglomerates, coating free area (pinhole, etc.), scratches, streaks, inclusions around 20µm, etc.
> Control of coated patterns (width positions, edge straightness, overlapping, skip coating etc.)
> Increase cell performances

The main applications are the new trends in automotive industries with HEV (hybrid electric vehicle), EV (electric vehicles), wind generators and solar farms.

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