ICE Europe 2019, the World’s Leading Exhibition for Paper & Film inspection

The 11th International Converting Exhibition ICE Europe 2019 took place in Munich from the 12th to the 14th of March. IN-CORE Systèmes together with 450 exhibitors from all around the world gathered to present new technologies and practical solutions in the converting industry of paper, film, foil, nonwovens and new sustainable materials.

in-core systèmes at ICE Europe 2019
in-core systèmes at ICE Europe 2019

ICE Europe 2019, the World’s Leading Exhibition for Paper & Film inspection

Majors trends in the converting industry to face the 4.0 industrial revolution are the digitalization within all areas of the production process, enhanced products with high value for the costumer and environmental responsibility in both materials and manufacturing process.

For 3 days companies from all different angles in the converting industry exchange ideas for business opportunities. The wide spectrum of visitors included raw materials manufacturers: such as paper, film, foil, textiles, adhesives and nonwovens; machines manufacturers: such as coating and laminating, slitting and rewinding, die cutting and finishing machines; and accessories and service companies providing, among other, control and inspection solutions.

IN-CORE Systèmes as a front-line player in the converting industry for 100% automatic inspection, quality control and traceability solutions participated in the ICE Europe 2019 Exhibition to share its experience and expertise in in-line vision solutions for quality management and process monitoring.

Preparing the digital revolution…

IN-CORE Systèmes understands the power of the digital revolution in the converting industry as a key factor to improve manufacturing efficiency. Automatic optical inspection (AOI) solutions can achieve three mains objectives:

  1. 100% optical inspection for in-line quality control. The real-time monitoring allows to optimize manufacturing process and save flawless production.
  2. 100% optical inspection for full traceability at all production steps. Automatic identification of non-compliant product during production can be achieved. Moreover, quality data can be stored and later analyzed to gradually support decision making in the converting industry
  3. 100% optical inspection for lifecycle management of converting products. All information stored in database regarding the manufacturing characteristics of products can be crossed with information regarding quality, durability and costumer satisfaction during the lifecycle of products.

IN-CORE Systèmes understands the importance of an integral solutions for automatic traceability and quality control. With our expertise we can help the converting industry to build trust on all the collected data and to learn how to exploit it to improve efficiency in the future of converting.


ICE Europe IN-CORE Systemes

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