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Seprinto & Partners is a network of security printing experts covering a broad spectrum of application areas. Our common motivation: Providing innovations, improvements and cost savings by optimizing our clients’ printing processes.

“Thinking outside the box” is our motto. With decades of experience in banknote and security printing and connected with even more experts worldwide, we can help you achieve little or large steps towards new goals.

Our offer covers a vast area of banknote production, from prepress to different printing processes to recycling. Moreover, we share our knowledge in training, staff coaching and on-site services to optimize your production.


Blankets and Pressboards

GWT Membraflow GmbH

Intaglio water treatment solutions


Rotary screens for security ink


Consulting and support

IN-CORE Systèmes

Vision inspection solutions

Cattaneo Security

Web fed intaglio presses & overhauling


Whether you need help with banknote production or are curious about our services and products, we are happy to help you. With our vast network of experts, we can find solutions to almost every issue.

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