IN-CORE Systèmes, as a front-line player in banknotes production, participated at the World Banknote Summit 2018. IN-CORE Systèmes is a leading supplier of in-line and off-line optical technology-based solutions for 100% inspection, quality control and traceability solutions at all steps of the manufacturing process of banknote industry.

in-core systèmes at WBS 2018
in-core systemes at WBS 2018 stand

During the breakout sessions at the World Banknote Summit 2018, IN-CORE Systèmes presented the control strategies to face the main challenges of quality control during the production process of banknotes.

Exemples of the discussed topics are shown here below:


Evaluation and validation of banknote conformity considering manufacturing-related variations

Technology is at the heart of the manufacturing process of banknotes with highly specialised machinery for the high quality and security standards which are crucial in the fight against counterfeiting. The manufacturing process includes factors which can produce variations in the banknotes. For example, variations occur when more than one piece of equipment is used for the same task. The evaluation and validation of the quality of the sheet and all the resulting banknotes represents a major challenge. Taking watermarks and other security features as examples, IN-CORE Systèmes proposses a control strategy for the validation of product conformity


Quality control strategy for multilayer products to validate conformity of banknotes

Preventing counterfeiting, one of the main themes tackled on the occasion ofThe World Banknote Summit 2018, is a major challenge in the security printing industry of banknotes. New technologies are constantly evolving to guarantee security and competitiveness on the market. The latest technologies for multilayer compound substrates and multilayer printing have made it possible to increase security and enable the production of more complex designs and customisable products. Quality criteria for multilayer products have nevertheless become more complex. Taking the example of polymer banknotes, IN-CORE systèmes proposes a quality control strategy for multilayer products to validate the conformity of the banknotes.


In-core Systèmes presentation at WBS 2018