Security features of currency notes has been a main issue in order to make counterfeiting more difficult. At the same time, the improvements in security have increased the production and quality check complexity. Cost-effectiveness of the manufacturing process of currency is now, more than ever, a priority. Over the years automatic inspection has been a profitable solution allowing to check conformity of each security feature in continuous way during the production process of paper making and printing.


Single banknotes inspection system : a guarantee of 100% production monitoring

Single banknote inspection systemFor over 20 years now, IN-CORE Systèmes has delivered in-line inspection and traceability solutions mainly to high security paper industry and more recently to high security printing industry. The inspection systems have allowed manufacturers to manage more efficiently quality standards, waste reduction and optimal yield.

The single banknotes inspection system guarantees 100% production monitoring, through continuous control and global traceability at each process step. Moreover, it delivers a total control of final product combined with customized data management.



 A new automatic banknotes batch validation system

IN-CORE Systèmes is known for being a visionary company, always searching for new solutions to the continuously evolving industry. That is why the company is proud to announce their latest inspection solution: an automatic banknotes batch validation system.


What are the benefits of this single banknote inspection system ?

Today, only 0,01% of the final banknotes batch is inspected by human eye for compliance with Central Bank specifications. This procedure takes time, human resources and is not 100% free of errors. The automatic batch validation system improves the existing limitations and intends to revolutionize the final validation of banknotes.

Single banknote system inspection

The system uses camera based solutions of high resolution and multi spectral analysis.  Main benefits are:

  1. Modularity, by allowing the integration of quality control of new security features.
  2. Higher speed, by reducing the inspection time from a week to a few hours.
  3. Reliability, by allowing to increase the number of banknotes to be inspected and therefore ensuring a higher statistical representativeness.

Single banknote inspection system to quality control of final banknotes

The system was developed in response to the Central Bank’s requirements for quality control of final banknotes. The automatic batch validation system is designed for printers in order to validate the manufactured banknotes before delivery, and for central banks to validate the banknotes before they are put into circulation.