> Automatic camera based web inspection and in-line measurement solutions for continuous processes

Using the latest technology of high speed line scan cameras and lighting systems tuned to highlight defects, the system inspects 100% of the surface, detects anomalies and controls all geometrical characteristics.

Our global solutions enable a real time quality control as well as process monitoring on a wide range of surfaces: security paper, composite, printed electronic, solar cells, battery electrodes, plastic, woven fabric, non-woven material, metallic foil, etc.


The Lineavision® flexibility enables a modular configuration well suited for all web widths, a wide range of production speeds and defect sizes.

• Plain surface analysis
• Printed patterns regularity and conformity check
• High accuracy measurements of surface characteristics
• Defects analysis and identification
• Global data management
• Waste reduction

All data can be exported for post-process use: statistics, defect management, summary sheets, report per date, batch, roll, references, etc.



Zero defect > Security Paper

Security paper inspection : banknote, e-passeports and security documents : Lineavision by In-core Systèmes.

Zero defect > Composites

Composite surface inspection In-core Systèmes: carbon, glass, Kevlar, Aramid, in UD or fabric structures

Zero defect > Battery Li-ion

Inspection solutions In-core Systèmes for Lithium-ion, Lithium-polymer batteries : Anode, Cathode and Separator quality monitoring.

Zero defect > Printed Electronics

Printed Electronics inspection by In-core Systèmes : flexible solar cell circuits.